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Frequently Asked Questions

I have an advisor, how are you different as a coach?
Chances are your advisor tells you what to do and you have to trust that he is giving you the best information. As coaches, we empower you to discover for yourself the most prudent way to invest. This process of discovery gives you ownership over your experience, which has a greater likelihood of long-term success.
Why did you build a coaching program?
Most investors will find it difficult to be disciplined on their own, because human nature directly interferes with the activities and behaviors required to create wealth. Plus, we’re constantly bombarded with advertising and marketing that depict gambling and speculating with money instead of prudently investing. We found that the most powerful way to combat these influences is to allow you, through guided exercises, to discover the damaging impact of gambling and the power and peace of mind available with prudently investing money.
When do you collect payment?
After our initial conversation. You have to be sure we can create value for you and we have to be sure you’re coachable; both will be determined in that first discussion.
Do you offer investment management options? Can I have you help me without coaching?
Yes, we have partnered with a firm that meets our criteria for prudent investing and allows clients to continue lifetime coaching by working with us and investing with the partner firm. No, we do not offer investment options to anyone who has not undertaken the coaching. It’s not you, it’s us – we want to know you’ll be successful long-term and that only comes with coaching and discipline.
When can I invest through you then?
Once you complete the coaching program, you’ll know how to identify behaviors that cause failure and how to identify strategies that don’t follow prudent investing concepts. You can then take that knowledge and apply it on your own, or use it to verify the strategy we use and engage with us.
How do I know if the coaching program is right for me?
Not everybody is ready for coaching. Take our self-assessment quiz or schedule a call with us and we will help you determine if our program can make an impact on you.