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A traditional financial advisor tells you what to do. We find this to be problematic because being told what to do doesn’t result in a learning opportunity. When was the last time you hired a personal trainer and had them lift the weights for you? While in theory that sounds great, it doesn’t do anything to improve your physical health. Similarly, being told what to do doesn’t improve your financial health. So instead of telling you what to do, we will encourage you to ask why and guide you to find the how. We have two models in which this is accomplished, our group coaching and our individual coaching.

Group Coaching

Our group coaching consists of two parts: an intensive onboarding process, followed by ongoing quarterly coaching. Prior to any group sessions, an individual discovery call will be held to determine if the program is a good fit for you. Once you commit to the group coaching you can expect to learn:

  • Tricks used by Wall Street to negatively influence your investing decisions.
  • How human behavior impacts your success in investing.
  • How to identify the purpose for your money and how it supports your American Dream.
  • The power of establishing agreements that dictate your investing decisions.

Once these sessions have been completed, we will apply the knowledge you have gained to a real-life scenario. Using an in-depth analysis of existing investments, we will compare that to academically designed portfolios. At this point you will be able to choose an investment strategy that aligns with your philosophy and enter the quarterly coaching. The quarterly coaching will have a range of topics that will expand on what you learned in the onboarding process so that you may be empowered to steward your wealth.

Individual Coaching

The founders of PSF understand not everyone is ready to have an in-depth look at all their personal financial decisions, which is why the group coaching exists. For those who are ready to take a deeper look at the numerous areas that impact our financial wellbeing, PSF has created an individual coaching program. Our individual coaching challenges you to think differently about your money and provides unique perspectives that are uncommon in the industry. Here are some examples of topics we may cover:

  • Learning where to start, since not all financial decisions are equal
  • How to leverage good debt and eliminate bad debt
  • Counterintuitive budgeting strategies that work
  • Learning the importance of flexible money
  • Understanding the true role insurance plays and how to choose the right amount

The above list is only a sample and we custom tailor the discussion around the unique situation of each client. Those enrolled in our individual coaching will also have access to the group coaching for the investment and behavioral support.


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