Traditional Financial Planning Has Failed

It is time for a paradigm shift from product and commission driven planning to realizing wealth through coaching.

Who We Are

The founders of Paradigm Shift Financial (PSF) used to work at your traditional financial firm. You know the kind: product-oriented, quota-driven, and commission-based where those with the biggest sales were touted as the best “advisors”. They did the best they could within that system to bring value and guidance to clients independent of the commission check, all the while being reminded they weren’t driving sales hard enough.

Finally, after feeling like they were hitting their heads against a wall, a lightbulb went off. Why work in and fight against an environment which seemed to put sales first and client dreams second? Why not start their own firm; bringing forth education and coaching to clients, free from the need to push products? This “lightbulb” concept is referred to as a paradigm shift. A powerful definition of the term paradigm shift is, “a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions, which leads to new results”. And thus, in 2017 Paradigm Shift Financial, LLC. was born.

To Our Clients

We declare our clients to be empowered, educated, and equipped to master their experience with money. By being coachable, accountable, and responsible they will bring forth a new possibility for their American Dream and pursue it with alacrity. In so doing they will have a life filled with abundance that permeates and uplifts their families, their community, and the world.

For Our Firm

We declare our firm to be committed to and guided by our Core Values to ensure our clients achieve their dreams. Through powerful coaching, exceptional service, and engaging experiences, we will lead them to discover a greater purpose for the wealth they will generate. We will create an environment in which all members are given the opportunity to share and participate, which will engender a support structure that reaches far beyond the PSF community. As a result, our firm will impact families and communities for generations to come.

Our Founders

20 years combined experience guiding individuals to financial success!


Thomas Blottenberger

Thomas spent 8 years with a big financial firm when he discovered his commitment to bring forth the most powerful strategies for his clients was not supported. In 2017 he co-founded Paradigm Shift Financial with Shauna Price so clients could discover the truth about investment.


Shauna Price

After 7 years in the traditional financial industry, Shauna realized that the model was flawed, and clients were at risk. She joined forces with Thomas to alter peoples experience of money and to empower them to realize their dreams. 

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